Flashback: Up, down, turn around…

[From November 22, 2006]

Prepping to write this brought back memories of living on the west side of losAngeles. On the weekends I used to ride my RockHopper along the beach path from Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach stopping to watch when airplanes would fly low overhead. I stopped to watch every time.

This is the view from my desk on the 19th floor. Not a side view or a tip-toe and crane-my-neck view — this is what I see when I am facing directly forward.

Speaking of stopping to watch… Have you ever stopped to watch a construction team erect scaffoldings on a tall building? I did that for the first time this week — it was AMAZING! Across the street from the historic PG&E building, I found myself stopping to watch a vertical row of workers passing pipes and wood planks non-stop up a single-file human assembly line straight up 20+ stories. It was an awesome display of strength, precision timing and teamwork. Of all days not to have my camera!

The next morning I remembered to bring my camera hoping to shoot some video on the way to the office, but they weren’t doing the single-file vertical line gig from yesterday. I didn’t see any workers. When I got up to our office on the 19th floor, I looked out the window and saw the entire team working at the top of the structure. From my desk, I have a distant view of the Bay Bridge and a close up view of gothic spires on the roof of the historic PG&E building across the street. I pulled out my camera and clicked a few photos and shot 60 seconds of video while the team erected the top rows of pipes and planks. Some workers had to climb up, down and around corners without safety harnesses. Others had to balance along single pipes in order to hammer in connectors and perpendicularsupports. I can’t imagine doing that job, and have so much respect for those that live it every day.

You’d think the sight of construction would ruin my view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Just the opposite — as people in hard hats climbed up, across, over, and down, it looked less like construction and more like a team of players floating around in a 3-D video game matrix. All this with the Bay Bridge in the background — my view became more interesting, even more incredible, almost surreal. I’m thankful not only for my million dollar view, but also for this new perspective.

Workers on scaffoldings high up on the PG&E building in San Francisco’s financial district; soundtrack featuring New Order — TEMPTATION.

…please don’t let me hit the ground

[Fast-forward to today, 2015; 9 years later]

I’ve found myself visiting my old office building several times in the past few weeks. The view never gets old. Neither does New Order’s TEMPTATION.

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