Iranian-Americans in Silicon Valley are Getting More Powerful
Ali Tamaseb

Thanks Ali jan

But be careful not to feel too proud about topics like this. Correlation vs causality remember. It’s not because we are born iranians that we are more likely to be smarter than others. In fact there is absolutely no link. I could illustrate this with: 45% of Nobel prices are Jews amonst other prouesses as it’s brought up by Stephen Pinker (Canadian psychologist). Allright then i could say 60% of them are christians. Then you will say:there are more christians than jews in the world. I will answer that: Then 99.999% of Nobel prices are men, with a 50/50 ratio in the world. You will reply: Well women didn’t have access to studies etc etc. I will reply: allright take the last 20 to 30 years. Same thing. ASO.

Iranian nice caracteristics generalization is as dangerous as generalizing about defects of other ethnies if you see what I mean.

The thing is as soon as you accept to be labeled with some specificity (especially when it’s flattering)you will definitely and unconsciously downgrade others by wanting to defend your’s. And you feel closer to whoever has the sams label.

So lets calm down and maybe accept that Social Darwinism is something that drives the most motivated ones. Regardless of the genetic accident that made us be born here,or there.

But we should be free to be proud of whoever and whatever as long as we don’t harm others.