What they have in common: extreme sports, business, new technologies?

This time I’ve decided to write a text other than the previous ones. Without market analyzis, forecasts , stats. Maybe the impact of the setting August sun outside the window and some days with Baltic seaside…?

My life is determined by several factors. The main is family, but I will not write about it, it’s private sphere. Generally, my everyday life is determined by what I really like. Believe me, I like to work (!) and train sport. Contrary to appearances, work and sports, not only the extreme, they have a lot in common.

My work is business consulting , marketing, sales, market research, journalism. Everything related to new technologies. My favorite sports are: extreme racing, triathlon, martial arts. I like to feel adrenaline, fear and sometimes incredible challenges.

And now the key question. What work and sport have in common? They have, and it’s a lot. Both first and second you need to perform professionally, with great passion. Otherwise, there are no results. This must be done carefully, so as not to make a mistake. You might end up injury or failure of the business. Thanks to the work and sport I meet great people, who are my inspiration to live and perform.

Work and sport learn consistency and discipline. How many times we do not want to do another presentation or put shoes on a morning jogging? But no one will do it for us. And when it is done, the satisfaction is enormous.

Thanks to the work I do for a living and sports activities. With the sport I can relieve stress caused by work, some fails. When I refer a successful business activity, I run and fight with a dual-energy. I forget then that I am no longer 20 years old.

Ok, enough. It’s time for an evening workout. And after training I have to work. Tomorrow there are consecutive meetings and presentations.

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