Kosmo Hero iOS Game — Vector Game pack

I am mobile iOS developer based in Cancun, Mexico for almost 4 years.

I made these Illustrations because is the kind of cartoons that like to my daughter (Adventure Time). One of these days, after several months without use the Adobe® Illustrator I decided to create a video game drawing some characters and elements need it for the UI.

Before to use Illustrator, I made these sketches and attempts with pencil to define the UI and the Hero of this Game.

Many draws of the Hero
Adventure Time is one of her favorite cartoons.
My first attempt to draw the Hero, huh, I saw this guy before ¬_¬

And the final result after some hours was this:

The main backgrounds
The main backgrounds
The Hero, Kosmo Hero
Monster enemy

Do you like them this drawings of vector monster illustrations? You can download it here and try the game in iTunes Store

Hope you like it, regards from the paradise “Cancún, México”

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