Three basic human rights to accelerate our journey towards the global goals

The Global Goals. We know we need to get there. We know we’re moving too slow. We also know regulation can be used to accelerate innovation.

Here are three basic human rights I believe would accelerate the development towards an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable world:

  • The right to make climate-informed consumer decisions, everywhere, everyday. I really want to see CO2-info on the price-tag of every conceivable product out there. I know that people working on supply chain data, on sustainability issues etc are struggling to make it happen. But I think that to get there, we might just start by making it a human right. So that we don’t get stuck in discussions of what data is ‘correct’ enough, or ‘fair’ enough. From a consumer perspective, information doesn’t necessarily have to be EXACT to be relevant, or to change my behavior. And we REALLY need to change our consumption patterns. So perhaps to begin with, it’s enough to get a reasonable (and non-competitive!) estimate of what a bottle of shampoo really does to the planet. We don’t need to start by separating between different brands. I also think getting the information first will help us adjust to actually paying for the real cost of our consumption, planetary boundaries included. So,’s of the world, I hope your business would explode by the year 2020 when this regulation should come into effect ;) But also GS1's of the world, glad to see you started but perhaps it’d be faster to give consumers info per product category first?
  • The right to have one’s skills and knowledge validated by an independent, highly credible organisation, regardless of where I got my knowledge from. It shouldn’t matter if I studied in Mogadishu, at MIT, youtube or at udacity, as long as I have the knowledge and skills. Such rights would speed up integration and make more sense in a globalized world.
  • The right to have health promoting services and treatment based on my unique DNA-profile and lifestyle patterns. Because that gives me the opportunity of living the healthiest life possible.