June, let’s get wasted.

June is not so much left, because me just ended the session and I haven’t completely moved away from everyday survival races. Something to do, be nervous, wildly upset because of one failure out of a dozen wins. But not about this now. I packed a piece of June with a trip to St. Petersburg: the city that I chose from last summer for constant get-togethers and walks at night. Here, I feel free, as if born in it and a little bit with impunity. Therefore, I do for days on end only what I want and don’t indulge in fear for tomorrow. Honestly, last summer I wanted to go to St. Petersburg and live there, but having gone there in late August, I realized that the city is absolutely not mine. Behind all this fun and carnival shine hid sadness, heaviness, dullness and rain. And I can’t stand the typical St. Petersburg weather, if it lasts more than two days. I thought then, sipping at the bar, and decided that it was easier to enter and be more comfortable in my city, and the weather was much better. But I’m going to not break Peter into nines, still decided to write why this summer I went there already two times.

The first time I went there almost after the session, it’s already the end of June. City, along with my friend, met me at a pleasant night, which lasted until 5am. I did not have time to get off the train, and already I hasten on the subway to my favorite cafe to throw in alcohol and delicious food. Further on the list was a long walk along the quiet streets of Petersburg. How strange, like summer, warm night, night from Friday to Saturday, there must be a lot of people, and we walked the streets and rarely when we saw a group of people of 3–5 people. From the brightly lit square where the Palace Bridge was bred, where there were a lot of crowds, we moved to the streets, which are slightly away from the center, but all the same beautiful, shimmering and quiet. I like the exterior design of the cafe in St. Petersburg, you go and it seems that you were in the West, somewhere in Europe. Even cars do not rustle with tires. We walked and laughed, captured the sky and the twilight walls of houses, told us what interesting happened this year, with whom we saw each other, what we were experiencing. It began to start already at three o’clock in the morning. The sky was gradually turning white until it was already quite light at five in the morning and the bridges didn’t begin down. I had never seen a dowing of bridges before, only a ricing and not once. The walk slowly came to an end, we said goodbye with strong embraces, and I returned to the hostel to gain strength for a new wonderful day.

The next day started quite early, we were going to go to Kronstadt. I took all my things and went to a friend in a taxi. It is an island behind Peter, connected to it by a newly constructed dam. Oh, if it were any warmer, I would certainly bathe in the Finnish Strait. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t warm and it was necessary to contemplate all this beauty. An hour staggering along the town and beaches, we headed back to the bus station. On the way to meet a Scotsman, who also was looking for a way back to St. Petersburg. A pleasant young man, told a lot about where he had already visited the summer, where he goes further. I felt completely free when communicated in English with him, without hesitating and remembering individual words. This’s not the only time I practiced my English in St. Petersburg. A wonderful sense of helping foreigners. By the evening of the same day, I met with another friend who called for a night’s lodging. Before we went into his apartment, he dragged me to the roof of a 26-story building. What height! And what a view! Below the Neva River was flooded, several bridges were visible, an endless number of flickering lights of the night city, and as if torn by a claw dark sky with a strip of scarlet sunset. I can imagine what a beautiful photo there could be. The night was no longer in the landscape of the city, but in the apartment with wine and games.

A heavy morning, which began somewhere already at six in the evening. I left my friend and go to meet the guys, which I met on the train, heading to St. Petersburg. These are funny six guys who study in Baumankha, with whom we spent as much as 8 hours on the road, chatting gaily on different topics from everyday life trivia to mechanisms and physical phenomena. The guys called me to see a salute from the Cathedral of St. Isaac. It was an adventure to go up to this cathedral. 230 steps up and another 10 on the column itself, with which it was necessary to look. But even this heavy load paid off by what we saw at the height. There opened a view of the whole of St. Petersburg. All it cathedrals, houses, bridges, fountains were sometimes overlooked, gardens. It was incredibly beautiful! The scarlet rays of the departing sun illuminated the roofs of the houses and us. And in this glow the first volley of fireworks flew into the sky. And under these volleys plied like swans, yacht on the Neva. It was in their honor, in honor of closing the river regatta.

Next, I spent my friends on the train and went to a meeting with the same friend who first met me in St. Petersburg. And further, as on the first night, we walked along quiet Peter, sipping wine and running barefoot in the dewy lawns.

The next morning I was on the train and headed for a short time back to Moscow.

My next trip to this city happened one day after my arrival from Smolensk. And this trip was much more intense and drunker. This time I managed to capture a friend from Moscow. We arrived with her in the morning, settled in the hostel, met an Argentine man, with whom we later went on a walk and then immediately hurried to join the beautiful in the famous Hermitage Museum. I don’t really like museums, but I couldn’t help taking my friend there, because she hadn’t seen all this splendor yet. Then came the evening, we are sitting with our new foreign acquaintance in a beautiful cozy bar in a German style, treating Jägermeister. I had to leave them, because I was invited again by a photographer friend to his house for the night. I really missed him and couldn’t refuse.

Honestly, describing this all in August, I can admit that I am already can’t remember in details all this time. I remember that we’re drank a lot and roamed the roofs.
Oh, just the same. The next day, with my friend and new acquaintances, we started our walks on the roofs in the morning. It all started from the house we lived in, and ended up in a completely different area where we stayed until 5am, drinking, and singing songs at roof. In principle, all the following days were similar to each other: a hookah, bars, sunset views from the roofs, delicious food, wine, favorite people, night movies, guitar playing and songs. By the way, my friend and I didn’t plan to stay there for 6 days: we were persuaded by our friends, because he liked us. I have never made so many friends in one summer. I really like this achievement, and I will continue to receive it next summer. Because I will certainly return to St. Petersburg, as it will become warm.