My warm and sweet August

The hottest month of the summer of August I decided to spend in Moscow, meeting guests and attending various exhibitions, concerts and festivals. Moscow is also interesting and much richer in spectacle than St.Petersburg or Smolensk. Despite the fact, that in the first half of August I shared in half with work, I can’t call this month spoiled. Yes, I lost 4 to 8 hours a day for two weeks, but nevertheless I managed to stay in the evening when it’s already dark, but it’s still just as fun and warm.

Perhaps, I will begin the story of how I spent August from the festival organized in honor of the VDNKh’s birthday. We hardly had time for this festival. If we were not for such a day at VDNKh, then I’m afraid we wouldn’t have enjoyed the beauty of all these installations. The festival is an exhibition of works by foreign lighting designers. It was all in the Ostankino Park. That’s how you walk among the trees and see the ghostly golden girls hovering over the clearing. Or a forestry man who closely follows your actions. Overhead, golden luminous lilies are blossoming, huge horses are walking in the woods. But you turn off the path and find yourself in some psychedelic glade, arms grow out of it and run away huge spiders. Magically and sometimes even scary. And since this was the closing of the exhibition, in the end we are honored to enjoy live music. The orchestra were in builted amphitheater right in the middle of the pond. The music was accompanied by illumination and small fireworks. At the end we started playing jazz and me and my friend didn’t go with our feet, so as not to dance. We left there somewhere at one o’clock in the morning, happy and really inspired.

Also this summer, for the first time in a long time, I visited a great height. Yes, and even more so in a house that many people want to get into. “House on the legs” directly opposite the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, and with it a beautiful view of the Mukhin’s Statue, Mytischi and Elk’s Island. It was not difficult to get through. The most difficult was to get down, since we were locked up there … But in an absolutely miraculous way we managed to get out of there. One of the three entrances to the roof was not locked, and we broke the door, went down to the first floor and fled as soon as possible. An unforgettable experience and adrenaline. But I enjoyed the views and got many beautiful photos.

The most anticipated event of August for me was Faces & Laces. This’s a youth subculture festival, where many skaters, artists, designers of clothes and musicians take part. Every year this festival grows in scale and number of participants. I got on it almost in the same way as on “Inspiration”, I found out just before the start, and that’s because my favorite artist of electronic music will perform there. Last year, I didn’t visit it, because I didn’t know what day it would be in August. But not the essence. Let’s return to the festival itself. This time it occupied much more space, there were a lot of scenes and grounds for self-expression of visitors. I bought there a clothes from famous youth designers, got a bunch of free stickers. Also at the festival around the perimeter there were a lot of beautiful rare cars. And I just died from what they are beautiful. It was eight o’clock in the evening, and I danced with all my heart at the Mujuice’s concert. After him perform a group unknown to me “Vulgar Molly”. And, oh God … After the concert, I fell in love with their genre and their songs. They are so energetic and provocative. The same day I took my friend from the train, who came to visit me in Moscow.

Mujuice’s concert
Rare cars

Next week I spent showing my friend my hometown, took her to memorable places, exhibitions, to my favorite cafes. The days passed happily, quickly and richly. Even we managed to swim in the pond for the first time all summer. This time is fanned by the warmth of summer nights, delicious wine and desserts. This is not the first time I meet guests from other cities, but every time it’s very nice and exciting.

Sveta and me

So,my August passed, part of my beautiful summer in the circle of my beloved people, adventures and trips. Sure to repeat it once again!