How Can I Stay Original?

Think of comedy. The more you try to be funny, the less funny you’ll be. I think of this the same way with originality. The more pressure there is to make an original idea, the more the idea sucks. It’s not until you’re aimlessly exploring the world that you realize there needs to be something there, because people are interacting with the world with a factor missing.

I’m a big advocate for entropy, or known as chaos theory. This is a concept explored within chemistry, physics, and innovation. The idea goes that the world favors chaos. This is why it is easier to go downhill than uphill, why rooms always seem to be messy, and why you can’t reverse glass breaking or a drink spilling. Forcing orginality goes against chaos. Creativity is chaos. Forcing creativity is like trying to un-spill a drink. It doesn’t work. Creativity comes randomly. Creativity works best when your mind is working on one thing, which inspires an idea.

So, how can I stay orginal?

  1. Stay mobile

I find when I travel I get the most inspired. I’m learning about new cultures, streets, public transportation, and different places to check out. My mind is so busy adapting that creativity goes into overdrive. The idea is to never stagnate. Even if I am not traveling, I want to stay mobile with my ideas. The more I learn about different concepts, the more I can hybridize these concepts to create novel ideas. This remninded me of how scientists who know musical instruments or engage with the arts are more likely to win Nobel Prizes.

2. Interacting with people of all walks of life

I get a high from meeting new people. I love hearing different people’s experiences and opinions. The more I learn from people, the more inspired I get. The more I learn about what people are looking for with innovations, the more inspired I get to make a change. The only person that shares my reality and experiences are me. The more I can gain different perspectives on how people view the world, the more I can draw inspiration to create.

3. Take tons and tons of risks

Something I’ve learned from Originals is the people who make changes are people who take risks often. Originals are not necesarily more creative or “gifted” in any field. Rather, they test out so many ideas until one clicks. When taking a risk, the worst thing that can happen is getting rejected. Rejection sucks, but it also brings someone a step closer to the endgame. As someone working in a sales job, I hear 100 no’s before I get one yes. It’s frustrating, but the no’s filter out people who will not bring me to where I want to go. Constant rejection is good for me because I find it more important to constantly hear no than yes.

The biggest thing I am going to do to be an orginial is to not try and be an original. Yes, there is a philosophy of “fake it till you make it”, but this can apply better with being more outgoing and fearless risk taking. Originality works like small nuggets of inspiration that happen while doing something else. The more I can maximize the “doing something else”, the more creative I can become.

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