Biggest Challenge in Accepting Bitcoin at xHamster

xHamster is a porn site that is ranked 61 Globally and 102 in the United States by Alexa Traffic Ranks. It’s the third most popular website to start accepting Bitcoin. In a recent interview with, Capo, project manager at Xhamster was asked.

TCF: What was the biggest challenge in accepting Bitcoin at xHamster?
Capo: The biggest challenge was that Bitcoin transactions take up to several hours to confirm, while members want to get what they paid for immediately.

People want their porn and they don’t want to wait hours to get it. Taking note of this response brings me to InstantX. A demonstration by the lead developer for Darkcoin Evan Duffield is posted below.

The Darkcoin development team has a few other issues to knock out before they merge InstantX into the project. During this period the InstantX code will be open-sourced.

With InstantX on the horizon Darkcoin seems to have a pretty bright future especially with large companies concerned about the speed of bitcoin (or lack there of).

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