Oh , Shoot ! It’s work anniversary already .

It’s hard to believe that just in a span of a year , this young <coughs> procrastinator </coughs> college grad has metamorphosed into a Corporate SW Engineer learning all the old and new tricks in the data world.

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” 
 — W. Edwards Deming

Here at Visa Data Labs Bangalore , it has been one hell of a one — year — ride . I really can’t talk much about the kind of work that we do here (because of compliance — I should shush now — they are everywhere) but take my word for it , we blow some serious shit up in data domain (think Michael Bay’s imagery)

“You can’t jump straight to the end , the journey is the best part.” — Robin Scherbatsky

Rumination of the last year brings back many sweet memories which include winning the First Ever Hackathon in Best Business Value category , meeting with Charlie (the CEO) , team outings on a regular basis , CSR events , festival celebrations and InfoSec Fair .

Showing the demo of hack to Charlie !!

This year was marked with even more energy and fun— Visa was the primary sponsor of Shaastra , IIT Madras’s Tech Fest , and being a member of the contingent , we got the opportunity to showcase the various cutting-edge technologies of Visa to the inquisitive minds. All that aside , I finally got to walk up on stage and be a QuizMaster again *with this playing in mind*

We Came , Visa , We Conquered !

And then came the interns . With interns pouring in , the office became lively once again much like a house with a newborn baby .

The one with the PPO aspirants :p
“Child Is The Father of the Man

Of course , Visa BLR is still considered a baby as compared to other Tech Centers but being in a nascent state has its own advantages you see . You get the opportunity to work from scratch and build everything bottom-up. Discussions , debates , dialogues , discourses and deliberations all clubbed together produce a productive , prolific and profitable product . Also , owing to its blooming state , it gets its fair share of pamperedness and is a recipient of plenty of praises because of the incredible , illusive implausible and impossible projects that are undertaken and wrapped up with exemplary efficiency.

‘If they ever tell my story let them say that I worked with Visa. Money rises and falls like the winter wheat , but this brand value will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of cashless transactions . Let them say I lived in the times where society is heading on the path to become completely cashless (and now cardless) . Let them I say lived in the time of NFC and e-wallets. Let them say I lived in the dawn of Blockchain.’

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