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Continuing on the Road to Financial Freedom I must present you Furio, the ROI (Return on Investment) Daap (decentralized application) that is on fire and making a serious impact on peoples lives. Before I continue, I must warn that this is not financial advice, and I am purely explaining the system and showing my results so far.

I have started with a 250$ investment which is worth 38,500.00$ or 7,000$FUR today, earning 2.5% daily which is 962.50$ and it only took a few months by only compounding!

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Financial investments on crypto have been the way to go if you want to grow and release yourself from traditional finance. Ask yourself, how many times have you heard a family member or friend talk about a bad experience about your local bank?

Crypto is quickly moving from pure investments into your own financial banking by giving you full transparency and fast results on deposits, transfers, loans, lends, stakes and much more!

“The Furio Ecosystem offers participants an innovative secure environment in the spirit of DeFi where all participants are treated fairly and equally.”

Build your Investment


A team of 3 British lads with financial and blockchain backgrounds, all named Chris and fully Doxed, meaning their identity is public and they do weekly video AMA’s showing their progress, status, and future aims on the Furio ecosystem. Yes ecosystem, the FDT (Furio Dev Team) started this on 14th June 2022 with intention of creating a long-term and profitable investment project unlike any other. Most of these projects lack utility and are very profitable for early users but the FDT was clear from the start that real utility and sustainability on the Defi space was their focus, and they delivered it.

The Chrises


Furio allows you to exchange $FUR using USDC and lets you stake the $FUR into your own Vault, lock your principal investment and let it grow daily for up to 2.5% until it reaches 27,777$FUR with claimable amount of 100,000$FUR. Every day you need to decide if you are compounding(reinvesting) or claiming your daily rewards. This is an action that must be made daily otherwise it just stops growing and you can set up the auto-compounder feature and choosing how many days you want it to run for.

ROI System


The FDT tackled some of the most popular issues experienced by daaps in the past like price appreciation, coin dumps, unrealistic rewards and whales by adding multiple mechanics:

. Price Appreciation & LMS

Token price is a very important subject because when people adopt into it the price flies making it harder and harder to get in and when early adopters start to sell the price goes down very fast. So, the FDT decided to implement the LMS (Liquidity Management System) which uses the protocol own wallet to sell when the price goes up from a certain level and buys when the price goes down below a certain level giving users an exact price window buy and sell point from 4.50$ — 5.50$.

Furio Chart

. Variable Rewards

By adding this, users that are benefial for the system get higher rewards up to 2.5% if they compound every-day and punishes users that claim every-day by reducing the daily rewards down to 0.5%. The system determines your status by analysing your actions in past 28 days and labels users as Positive, Neutral or Negative participants, and all new users start at 1.75%.

Check how variable the daily rewards are depending on your actions :

Variable Rewards — Positive Status
Variable Rewards — Neutral Status
Variable Rewards — Negative Status

· New participants will start at 6:1 1.75% but go to 1.0% if they break this pattern before the 28 day cycle is complete.

· Positive participants over a rolling 28 days will be guaranteed a minimum of 1% rewards.

· Positive participants with over 20 rolling compounds in a 28 day rolling period will increase to 1.25% rewards.

· Positive participants with over 24 rolling compounds in a 28 day rolling period will increase to 1.75% rewards.

· Positive participants with 28 rolling compounds will increase to 2.5% rewards.

· Keep playing at those levels to maintain your rewards.

· Negative participants will be penalised and once you drop to the lower level you CANNOT come back up. Beware the system penalises bad participants, you have to have been a bad player for a period of time before you are penalised, you will then stay in the project at the lower levels.

· A straight 7 day claim takes you straight to 0.5% and overrides the 28 day rolling rule.

· Neutral participants be cautious and don’t slip.

Participants who reach max payout will receive a Furio Platinum NFT. This will have fantastic features and benefits going forward.

Users on the 2.5% club are eligible for raffles made by the FDT usually for $FUR or exclusive merchandise.

. Whale Tax

A Whale that simply use their big portfolio as advantage in order start ahead and benefit from the system straight away will be taxed accordingly depending on their claim level forcing them to kickback some of that back into the system.

Whale Tax Levels

. Anti Dump Mechanics

This was scalable designed so users that simply bought $FUR in order to sell it high will be heavily taxed because they hold no value locked in the Vault and therefore no real value for the longevity for the system.

This also applies to users that simply claim a larger amount than the deposited value and decide to sell it all.

Anti-Dump Mechanic Tax

. Taxation System

Taxation System Cycle
Taxation System Details

All the mentioned mechanics make the Furio space safe and balanced but wait there’s more! So take a breather and make sure you read my next post!

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Start TODAY!

You can start your Furio Vault today and if you don’t know how, please follow this guide that the FDT made:


You will need a small amount of BNB to use as tax every time you deposit, compound or claim, and you can buy/exchange your USDC for BNB at:


I highly recommend you to use a referral when depositing your $FUR in the Vault so you are eligible for airdrops and tax back that some teams do while benefiting them every time you compound or deposit capital.

Join the FLEX Community

You can use this link to automatically fill the referral details before making your deposit with their Team Wallet Address and enjoy their rewards :


Join their Telegram

FLEX — Furio Team


In the next articles I will talk about FurPool , FurBet, FurBot and FurMax and how they feed the ROI system while users profit from different sources.

Welcome to the Furio ecosystem!

Telegram : @darkezor

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