Pressed Sushi

“Hey been a while!”

“Yeah, how’ve you been?”

“Good. Busy with some house work. What’s new with you”

“Um, not much”

“Well actually I am now confirmed to make a visit to Japan. In January. It’s half vacation and half something else.”


“I’m taking my dad there.

It’s been a long discussion with the family. They want him back there. My sister and I wanted him to be here. But they want him there”

“Did he have siblings living in Japan?”


“What did he want?”

“Well, he wanted his ashes in the ocean. And he lived here most of his life. He didn’t want to go back to Japan. And if we take him there, his family will get to visits him often. But I want to visit him too and I cannot go to Japan all the time.”

“Well it sounds like you should honor your dads wish?”

“Well, we decided to take half of his there and keep part of him with us”

“You can do that?”

“It took me a while to figure that out but yes. And now I don’t have to have this big discussion with the rest of the family about where he rests”


Then he gave me and the guy sitting next to me at the sushi bar one of the tastiest pressed sushi I had ever had. He shared what was left with his sous chef and started explaining how pressed sushi originates from. the day before refrigeration, where you wanted a meal that you can pack and will stay good for days. I can’t recall the whole story because I had gotten lost in enjoying what felt like cake in my mouth.

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