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  • Alex Heber

    Alex Heber

    @xero Storyteller. Former editor at @BIAUS . Dark chocolate expert. Northern Beaches kid at heart.

  • David Ma

    David Ma

    Sydney based bioinformatician, data viz expert, foodblogger and community leader for /r/photography and /r/dataisbeautiful — Instagram: Frostickle

  • John VDL

    John VDL

    JS dev on @Atlassian's @Bitbucket Server. Apparently I read too much fantasy. I love custard, pancakes and Heineken. Also Whiskey. Also pancakes.

  • James Alexander

    James Alexander

    Launching a new global seed fund and accelerator. Founder at Galileo Ventures and previously INCUBATE, Australia’s largest university startup accelerator.

  • Ireland's Technology Blog

    Ireland's Technology Blog

    Ireland's Technology Blog - EVERYTHING TECHNOLOGY, MOBILE, TV, INTERNET AND MORE - Technology consultants for Tipp Fm Radio

  • Trey Shugart

    Trey Shugart

    Dad. Home builder. Frontend @atlassian. Gamer. Musician. Web component hopeless romantic and everyday React(alike) user. Author of SkateJS.

  • Canary


  • Holly Harrington 韓荷麗

    Holly Harrington 韓荷麗

    Curator, Startup Digest Taipei. Avid reader. Autodidact. Early adopter. 1 dog. 1 cat. 台北人. Hacking my ADD.

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