I made a terrible mistake. I voted for Trump

I remember sitting at family dinner evens around the time when it became clear that Trump was going to be the GOP winner. I recall the pressures of having to support someone I knew would never be able to do the job. I think now at what a coward I was for being scared about what my relatives and friends would say if I was to speak my mind. I chose the easy route to simply conform.

I began drinking the “cool aid” and before I knew it I was wearing (at least indoors) that ugly red hat we all have come to now dread. I am now seeing china, Russia, Canada, Mexico and yes Iran all united against one common goal to finally overthrowing the almost former global super power of the Usa.

I hate myself. Not because I feel guilty. I am only one vote in a state won by the better candidate.. rather because for the first time in my life I cared more about what others say or think of me rather then stand up for my beliefs

I write with Pen Name of “the Dark Horse” not out of embarrassment but rather out of self shame.

I wish there was way to undo what I did. I would sleep better night and be able to look at my chirldren’s little faces. Although he would still be there I would nevertheless been proud of myself for sticking to the side of truth.

I hope to use this as a lesson to myself and my family to always stand up for the truth and never get blinded by militant ideology that is bent on venting their emotions iwithiut regard of the consequences. This is everything I teach others not to be.

I hope you all forgive me. I have nothing else to say

Dark Horse