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Unlike many of the people in the comments, I am a teenager and have given this show a viewing. As it may be heart-wrenching to all of you, as someone who is the age of the actors, it was pretty crappy. The acting was sub-par at best and none of the characters invested me enough to even care. I care more about what my buddies are eating than Hannah Baker. Some parts of this show I will agree are well-done. But being well-done is not enough to warrant a good personal view on the show itself. Being a teenager in High School I see what goes on around me and wow… This show does not capture High School in a believable light at all. Movies like “The Breakfast Club” did a good job portraying how High School students act, even if the actors look like they could be parents. Another thing that definitely made me feel odd about this show was it’s constantly shifting tone and language. I mean Jesus, who the hell says Cassettes sound better than Vinyl in 2017? The teenagers do NOT talk like teenagers at all either. I can’t remember the last time someone said “OMG” or “FML Forever” face to face with me. With all that being said, I still feel as if this article is poorly written. You say it insults teens but… I mean… You should really be a teenager to comment on how it insults our age range. Thank you for reading this if you did, and feel free to respond. I am open to any insightful questions.

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