Fuck It. I’m Writing My Next Book On Medium
Leah Stella Stephens

Taking us all on your journey or just opening the curtains and giving your mental house a good dusting, I think the most important take away is that no one should silence themselves. You are not alone. My half-sister ignored the fact that her daughters were being molested by her husband, because actually accusing him would mean admitting it was real. It would mean giving up her child support payments by denying him custody — at least while it was sorted out in court. I only found out when they were teens she could not handle and was asking me for help, and because she could not deny it when his new family was having to deal with the federal charges being brought against him for child pornography. And even now she still hems and haws and makes excuses. In any way that you need to, speak your truth and speak your mind.

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