Dark Management Rewards Hard Work With More Hard Work

Reasonable managers will usually at least test exceptionally productive employees to evaluate whether those employees will be up to the new challenges faced by promotions(By being productive, those results should all be beneficial to the company or at least the team). That way, employees will have strong incentives to be more productive to secure promotions, and reasonable managers can thus be benefited by having more and more productive employees.

Dark managers think differently. To them, the real value for promoted employees isn’t to be more productive by themselves, but rather to cause their new subordinates to be more productive for the sake of those dark managers. Thus dark managers will want to promote those who’ll extract the most values from their new subordinates for those dark managers, often meaning that the promoted ones are encouraged to do all the dirty jobs for those dark managers. This also makes them ideal punching bags to vent angers from those victims and scapegoats to be disposed when needed — When the dark management’s about to be revealed.

On the contrary, those being productive on their own but showing no sign to be probable to get their hands dirty will rarely be promoted by those dark managers. On one hand, such employees are more advantageous to those dark managers when they stay where they’re, letting those dark managers to exploit them further by rewarding hard work with even more hard work; On the other hand, if such employees were promoted, they’d eventually become serious threats of those dark managers by ultimately taking over their positions. In the eyes of those dark managers, such employees should be completed used up for the sake of their self interest rather than promoted.

Of course, it’s assuming that all those hard work’s benefiting those dark managers in the 1st place. If that’s not even the case, then those dark managers will try their best to covertly get rid of those employees as soon as possible as they’re totally useless to those dark managers and wasting positions that could be taken by those being much more useful to those dark managers.

For those whose productivity indeed benefit those dark managers, those dark managers will try their best to ensure that no one can ever take over their jobs so they can rationalize their decisions for not promoting them — What will happen if no one can do what you do in your current position after you’ve promoted into new ones? Of course, when those employees are about to leave, those dark managers will recruit newcomers to gradually take over those positions by asking those old employees to train them up. Then those newcomers will become those new productive employees to be exploited by those dark managers. This vicious cycle repeats without an end.

Thus, in systems full of dark managers, you’ll usually end up with 1 of the below end games:

  1. You’re good enough dark managers so you’ll be victorious by utilizing dark management
  2. You’ve got your hands dirty then been used as punching bags and disposed as scapegoats
  3. You’ve been working harder and harder until you’re completely used up and disposed
  4. You’ve been completely useless to all those dark managers and are disposed immediately