Introducing Dark Management

The goal of a reasonable manager is to optimally utilize his/her resources for the sake of the company, and preferably for the sake of his/her subordinates as well. Therefore he/she’ll ensure that everyone is on the same page and pleasantly request those not fitting in the team to leave gracefully. Therefore, a reasonable manager performs well when his/her team performs well.

In contrast, the goal of a dark manager is to optimally utilize his/her resources for the sake of him/herself at all cost. Therefore he/she’ll ensure that everyone and everything can be maximally exploited by him/her without being figured out, meaning that the performance of a dark manager can have no fixed correlation to the team performance at all. Almost everything is unstable there.

Contrary to a typical workplace bully or narcissistic psychopath, a typical dark manager can have a much better control on his/her emotions and feelings than even most of the reasonable people, let alone those impulsive maniacs. He/she can utilize his/her emotions and feelings just like a reasonable person utilizes a physical tool, in addition of being able to come up with devious schemes executed covertly. He/she understands psychology so well that even a psychologist might be outmatched. He/she’s incredibly perceptive, especially when it comes to thoroughly comprehending an individual and a group inside out. He/she appears to be altruistic and honest while actually being selfish and deceptive. He/she always has many contingency plans when facing the improbable. His/her plans are so flexible and simple that he/she can always correct/switch among them and generate new ones on the fly even when facing the unexpected. He/she’s ready to backstab the others while appearing to heal the very same wounds. He/she can think very clearly, critically, logically and objectively even in the most adverse situations. He/she can manipulate others without leaving a trace. He/she can rationalize his/her behaviors seamlessly.

The best dark managers can even figure out the others’ next moves before they do. He/she can even subtly change their belief systems and cognition flawlessly without them noticing anything. He/she can even align their self-interest with his/hers. He/she can even make them happily work for him/her while making them think that they’re working for themselves. He/she’s a group hypnosis guru that can even make them willing to sacrifice themselves for his/her twisted goals. He/she can even turn them against each other and themselves while appearing to be the hero/heroine saving them all. He/she can even make them hold the most perverse believes firmly while appearing to be totally innocent. He/she can even be treated as a legend without anyone ever knowing the truth. He/she can even assassinate the characters of those calling him/her out.

Dark management is the total set of arsenals utilized by dark managers. While typical dark management can be learned by most of the immoral but smart people, only the exceptionally talented masterminds can have a remote chance to become one the best dark managers.