Music biz and a health reboot.

After I released album last year but had problems keeping it going. My band were all involved in other projects, and the album itself didn’t see much air play, although I sold a few, it never really re cooped. It wasn’t expensive to make, I produced and mixed the album, mastered through a friend who charged minimal fees, so sunk more money into a PR company. I got some good reviews, but that was about it.

So, I took some time off for a year, contemplating change, music, health, work, and my potential in the future. Am I totally wasting my time, or is this still something that I have the drive to do.

I recently tested the waters performing as a solo artist, and have decided to make a permanent reboot, and even at my post grunge age, I will continue this pipe dream. If needed, I will hire musicians, but it’s looking good that the extra baggage isn’t worth it at this time.

Blackwing by DMN

You can download or stream here:

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