FLIK Price Analysis & Why It’s Heading to $15.00

FLIK is taking off. Pack your bags now. You can thank me later.

Recently FLIK released a token roadmap that outlines how their token will be redeemable via the FLIK platform. For those unfamiliar with FLIK, the company is developing a video streaming platform similar to Netflix. The company was founded by an entertainment veteran and is co-owned by the singer, actor, and entertainer, T.I. Additionally, the company has Bitcoin entrepreneur and BitPay Chairman, Tony Gallippi, on the its advisory board. FLIK boasts an impressive team for sure.

At the time of this writing, FLIK is currently trading at $0.20 USD, but in my opinion it’s heading to at least $15.00 with the next 15 months and would represent a 6000%+ increase.

The FLIK platform is schedule to come online during the first quarter of 2018. Upon launch, FLIK will accept FLIK tokens for all its services, including: movie rentals, movie purchases, and monthly subscriptions. According to previously published videos and information from FLIK, these services amount to: $3.99 for movie rentals, $9.99 for movie purchases, and $14.99 for monthly subscriptions. According to the Token Roadmap, 1 FLIK will give you a onetime movie rental, 2.5 FLIK will get you a movie purchase, and 3.75 FLIK will snag you a monthly subscription for unlimited viewing.

Therefore, it’s easy to see how FLIK should be valued at $3.99 upon launch. After all, that’s the cost of a movie rental.

But let’s dive a bit deeper into FLIK’s recent ‘Token Roadmap’. The roadmap states that beginning in the 3rd Quarter of 2018, FLIK tokens can only be redeemed for movie purchases and monthly subscriptions. Great news! FLIK is giving their customers 6 months to redeem their FLIK tokens for movie rentals ($3.99). After the six-month time period, FLIK is providing support and growth for their token by eliminating the movie rental option, and allowing their customers to redeem tokens for movie purchases ($9.99) and monthly subscriptions ($14.99).

This means, that beginning in Q3 of 2018, FLIK will have a redeemable value of at least $9.99.

But FLIK doesn’t stop there. Beginning in Q1 of 2019, FLIK tokens will only be redeemable for monthly subscriptions; valued at $14.99 USD. Once again, FLIK is providing a boost to their coin and ensuring the value increases by another 50%!

So, the question now becomes: how does FLIK provide pricing support for their coin after Q1 of 2019? Simple. I suspect at some point in the future, FLIK will announce that 1 FLIK token will be redeemable for a 3-month subscription, thus taking the value to approximately $45.00. By implementing this kind of strategy, FLIK constantly provides a stable and increasing value to their token holders.

Let’s also keep in mind, that FLIK tokens will be flowing back to the FLIK company. As token holders redeem their tokens, FLIK (the company) increases their holdings. Therefore, it’s obvious that FLIK has a vested interest in supporting their token and providing stable value growth.

In short, FLIK is a solid buy and represents a tremendous financial opportunity for anyone looking to achieve substantial 6000% gains within the next 18–24 months.

Fill up your bags now before the price surges past $15.00. You can thank me later.