Amazon App store is a hell to developers and disgrace of a service

I have developed and published my app Mau King to the Google Play Store. It hasn’t been very easy, but it all connects in the end.

These days I have been trying to publish the same app the the Amazon App Store. Future and current app developers — DON’T DO IT. There is no support behind the service, they respond with template messages and they arbitrarily decide your app is not compatible with their policies.

I had my app blocked by the service with explanation:

Please provide documentation demonstrating that you have the right to use [app name] application’s assets which is infringing in title, images and inapp . The documentation must be either a confirmation letter from the intellectual property rights holder or a copy of the applicable license.

This is the name of my domain (, the name of the app in Google Play Store, and many places more. I have investigated and there are some people who have personal names “Mau King”, but never have I seen a company, product or any other registered name of the same content.

So I ask the Amazon support, and in response I get the same template message. With no human explanation. That’s just great.

So I ask (very annoyed) again, in different words, asking if they know of a trademark with the same name, (that I might be unaware of), also asking whether an arbitrary string like “asdlj34ld^2” would also require “confirmation letter from the intellectual property holder”, and 24h hours later I get the identical template message from above — with an additional threat that my account may be terminated if I don’t comply.

Assholes. I told them assholes multiple times in the response. It’s a disgrace of the service with no feeling of a human being behind the support messages.

Oh yeah, also, some of the developer app service functions don’t work. For example, when you create test users and they receive test links in the email — it doesn’t work. You click on the link and find your self on the Amazon home page.

One more thing — the design of the whole developer interface is from 1990’s, they didn’t even try investing a dime in there. I regret my attempt to join the app store. I told them in my last message: