Noises that Interrupted My Attempts at Short Naps Before Dinner and Teaching Night Class

Jonah Hall
Oct 1 · 1 min read

1. A cat in heat. Sounded like a warbly siren. Lasted for about 10 minutes. Middle of afternoon, so its possible this was a street fight between two cats instead of an attempt at mating.

2. Hammering and sawing. Front porch and drainpipe work on our own house.

3. Aliens landing near the new house up the street. Its been renovated recently and is now on the market, so they were probably considering putting in an offer. Lots of aircraft noise, mechanical whirring, etc.

4. Bouncing basketballs. Teens on their way up to the park. Rhythmic echoing of the composite leather on concrete sidewalk. A noise I used to make regularly throughout my childhood.

5. Our barking dogs. This is nothing new. Other dogs or people on walks in front of the house. Deliveries. A stray bird or cat on or near the front porch.

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