Resilience, Parts One and Two

Jonah Hall
Sep 16 · 2 min read
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Part One

We fall
We will be okay
This too shall pass
Everything is nothing
We are all insignificant
Perfection doesn’t exist
Embrace the chaos
Where every we go,
There we are
Be still,
Listen to the sunshine
See the songs
All around us
Rain cleanses
The machines
Do not have us yet
Imagination makes
Us human
We humans
There we are
Where every we go
This too shall pass
We will be okay
We fall
We rise
Sun lights us.

Resilience, Part Two

We fall (often)
We will be okay (probably)
This too shall (very likely) pass
Everything (most of it) is nothing
We are all (if zooming out) insignificant
Perfection doesn’t exist (but ego does)
Embrace the chaos (and the mess)
Where every we go (and go and go)
There we are (!)
Be still (yet still be)
Listen sunshine (ears warm)
After rain cleanses (nature shower)
See songs (without pressing play)
All around us (panorama)
The machines (surprisingly small)
Do not have us yet (they are reaching)
Imagination makes (and allows)
Us human (natural state)
There we are (here, there)
Where every we go (don’t matter)
This too shall pass (in all likelihood)
We will be okay (hope so)
We fall (often)
We rise (usually)
Sun lights us. (after the rain stops)

Jonah Hall

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