Very Short Poems, Volume 1

Jonah Hall
Nov 13 · 1 min read
photo via Visual Hunt

Very Short Poem #1
Phone Book

There used to be something called a phone book
Now there is only a battle between phones and books
The books demand too much attention
We must warn you: 3 min, 5 min. Read.
So here we are: Falling ever deeper
Into scroll-dom.

Very Short Poem #2
In the Redwood

This morning
In the Redwood
There was cawing
And tweeting
With no hashtags.

Very Short Poem #3

We are trending hyper-extending
Small feet following along
We hum along now.
We need no algorithm only rhythm
Changed diaper sometimes hyper
Then soothed singing a lullaby
In ragtime.

Very Short Poem #6

We are not all taught impulse control.

This makes some of us vulnerable.

Next episode. In 5…4…3…you have been warned.

Next song…next headline…next thing…

Arriving soon…even next day.

Next month. Next year.

Next life.

Very Short Poem #7

8:51 There is no optimal time for a sip of whiskey, but 8:51 on a cool summer evening with the day behind you, after a pizza, after a warm shower, after the little one is settled down, 8:51 it is.

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