4NEW— The next big thing?

4NEW is making waves in the crypto space, in the companies initial pre-sale, it had a massive success and secured a $25 million investment from a leading U.S. private equity fund; Mirach Capital Group with over 400 million in assets currently under their management they look to be an ideal investor to have on board.

Using this initial investment, they’ve purchased 4NEW’s first plant site and equipment installation costs. Most projects I've seen lately have made promises of what is to come in the next few years, but from the start 4NEW looks like a winner.

As quoted in a recent article in news.bitcoin.com CEO, Sandeep Golechha had the following to say on the future of 4NEW;

With a global plan to scale this localized solution addressing the waste surplus and the energy shortfall crisis, 4NEW will not only revolutionize the blockchain network but also standardize digital assets as a means to transact business within a conventional setting making 4NEW the global utility token.

What does this mean for investors? Currently, the UK’s waste management industry alone has a annual turnover of over $11 billion, processing in the region of 200 million tonnes of waste each and every year. However it is severely lacking in technological advancements that other industries (like car manufacturing) greatly benefit from. This is where 4NEW steps in. Combining the blockchain and it’s technological benefits, with greener waste management they have the ability to rapidly capture and profit from the annual turnover quickly and efficiently.

The first plant, which has already been ordered has a waste processing capacity of 72 tons per day, which will produce around 43,800 megawatts of power per year, which translates to roughly $5 Million in power sales. Depending on the success of the rest of the ICO, this initial plant can be expanded on with more production lines to increase the output by up-to 400%, this would mean with a single plant they could be producing 175200 megawatts of power a year, which translates to roughly $20 million in sales.

As of this post, they have currently raised over $30 million with 12 days left to go, making the addition of production lines to the first plant a real possibility.

When is this all going to happen i hear you say? 4NEW have just posted the following road map on their website, which gives us an insight into how quickly they plan to move the project along. With three initial sites already identified, we could be looking at three fully functioning waste plants by this time next year.

All in all, the future is looking fantastic for the project, with just under two weeks to go in the ICO they are looking to raise a substantial amount to get the project up and running and producing profit as soon as possible.

if you’d like to read up more on 4NEW check out the links below for more information, and whitepapers.

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