Here’s why we’re building Budbo — A Blockchain Solution for the Cannabis Industry

This is a ‘pipe dream’, pun intended.

First - as a long time toker, I have to say its not this hard to figure out what strain you like, and with legalization, it’s not hard to find it either. And if my app says I have to drive 50 miles to get that special trendy new Peach Diesel … I’m gonna pass, and buy whatever my man’s got at the local shop.

Second — it seems to me that everything you claim block chain will bring to the industry is already available and scales better. If I’m a small business owner, and all the shops are at this point, I don’t need need new unproven tech. I need a proven economical solution.

Third — I visited your site, and your app on the Play store, and quite frankly I am offended by the use of cheesecake and boob shots you use to promote your product. I will not use it for that reason alone. This isn’t the sixties when you had scantily clad ladies marketing your product…

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