I can’t say I agree completely with what you say, but I do to a degree.
Colby Landwehr

It is a learned behavior, like any animals in the wild. the Male of most species are the hunters, protectors and providers. That means they meet and have to overcome more confrontation. The female of most species look for the ones who will protect and provide best for them and offspring. If you think that Human beings are anything different than any other animals in the world, you need to unlearn that as well. Feminists can try to change society because they think it will make things better in the end. Sadly, women will still be attracted to the assholes, who they subconsciously will be attracted to because their animal mind will think they are a good protector, and in turn get stuck with someone who is also looking for a better mate constantly. The Rapists are the ones that look to spread their inferior seed because they have not the ability to garner the attention of the females… it is not rocket science, it is natural science.

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