Defeating Life and Death💀

It’s challenging to see life win again. (is it life or is it death?) When you lose yet another loved one, a mother, a brother, a father, a sister, a wife, a child. It’s heart breaking when you try to force yourself to stay strong for the rest of the family when even the tears are fighting to come out, or having to sit down and imagine your own eventful demise.

What would it be like? Would life be better without you, would it move on? Who would cry, who would stay strong and who would just pretend?(cause sincerely, not everyone is going to like you) What a pain isn’t it, worrying so much about tomorrow? Not knowing when life might just decide to let you go and shake hands with death to let the earth take you back to where you beget.

More challengingly, where you’ll end up. Joyfully singing in the abodes of heaven or hatefully dancing in the eternal flames of the world unveiled_ what I like to call ‘HELL’S MENTAL PRISON’.

It’s quite difficult to be good isn’t it, to do everything right without a flaw? Being good is quite difficult,but you don’t have to worry about the mistakes you make.

Everyone makes mistakes and the good thing 👍about it is that you can always ask for forgiveness from the big guy up there👆.

You are worried about your social class, your life style, your world🌎. All the things you’ve put your seat and time into. The things you would have to give up but not give up. So you procastinate; ‘I’ll just make up for lost time later’ but unfortunately, for some people that day may never come. It would’ve been too late.

Remember, you can tell the doctor the day you want to get checked up but you can’t tell the illness what day you want it to check you up. (it’s crazy because I don’t know if that sentence made any sense😂).

Giving up the world is not so bad... It’s called defeating life and death. (oh, I just found the perfect name for this write up) For all you know, it’s all vanity and is going to just poof up in tiny bits of invisible molecules someday.

People can change, I can change, the whole world can change because change is inevitable. You know that aunt of yours or relation of yours that just died and you hated and swore you wouldn’t cry for? Well, better get it your hankies and get to the crying because life may go on but that memory of the person doesn’t, it stays locked up in a secret portal in your head.

Thank you for reading and good day.

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