But this is not that.
Jessica Compton

I haven’t.As I don’t need to! Just to have accidentally stumbled upon a group of men with similar (not equal) experiences was good enough.

Gender issue narratives generally turn hostile,as both sexes have their own share of casualties.

Acknowledgement of issues(easier said than done),for the other camp is scarce,which is amply reflected in prominence of the strong new age feminist movement.The MRAs are just the other side of the same coin.

Neither is a woman wired to be blindly sympathetic (and justify it) towards issues that plague men.And vice versa.No amount of rational discussion can change that deadlock.

Its the sum of all parts,of the way our social fabric has disintegrated.

I,for one,let the discourse run its natural course. Beyond some insightful discussions,its counterproductive to invest any more energy..as I attribute hostile narrative from any individual/group as a glorified sales pitch!

PS: There are better ways of stepping up on the gas,like drag races,road trips or a 100m sprint!