America’s Leading Mindset Expert Attacked by Feral Mob, Maintains Emotional Control
Mike Cernovich

Perhaps the biggest irony in all ways these new age liberals let their raw rhetoric manifest,is claiming to be the vanguard of liberty.Needless to say,the dictionary specifies the meaning of the word ‘liberal’ free of bias and context.

Everyone is entitled to their own subjective preference.Yet,very few have the basic capacity to stand by the beliefs,but not at the expense of hostile rejection for those who contradict their views.

These new age ‘liberals’ continue to demonstrate volatile acts of exclusion for those who dare not only to question but stand in the way of their marauding rhetoric.Is it surprising these traits are reminiscent of authoratarian/dictatorial/radical religious historical precedents of the past?

The liberals’ manifestation of their yearning to overpower those who dare to contradict them,bears a striking resemblence to radical religious extremists using their ideology to suffocate and eventually overwhelm any form of non congruent beliefs.

If religion indeed has been known to be the opiate of the masses,looks like the new age liberals have found a malevolent,regressive,primitive prescription to pander to their own insecurities…

Stay in the fight, Mike!

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