Disclaimer: I have not completely read The Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin. And I'm not an anthropologist.

The worldwide pattern shows that the women are evolving rapidly. We are not inspiring them for sure. Instead we are forcing them to evolve in an environment of fear, anger, insecurity and bias. Not too many years ago a million women came out on the streets of Delhi to protest against a brutality committed on one of their own. A government changed thereafter but not much changed on the ground. Not too many months ago a million women gathered in washington to protest an elected brutality against their democracy, dignity and freedom. They were laughed on and forgotten. Events like these, send a message to them. Its like we're telling them that as long as you are politely angry and civilized we will not respond. There will be no actual sharing of power and control, or dispensing of equitable justice. We're pushing them into a corner. We've done that before to many other species on the planet. And they are all now extinct or in reserves. However, the women I suspect will not become extinct or hide. Instead evolve into beings less civilized, warlike, trigger happy, psychotic and neurotic capable of worse than what was done to them. Now that ladies and gentlemen, will bring about the collapse of the civilization as we know it. Or we might see the stereotype roles of men and women being reversed. Either ways, mighty unpleasant business wouldn't you agree.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Master Yoda

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