How to apologize when you have been publicly shamed

Normally I don’t recommend apologizing when you have been publicly shamed, because the public is really unforgiving to public shaming. However, when the evidence is too strong, such as Ray Rice punching his wife or Sean Spicer saying that Hitler never use gas. You have to publicly apologize.

Most of the advice you see on blogs or the internet on how to give a “Sincere” public apology don’t work because these advice only works on private apology and not public apology.

Hence, this is how you should public apologize. This is only an example

I did X activity in the past which I regret and hence I apologize. Peter Thiel did a good one here. Do it in a blog or medium post. Do not do in on twitter as it can be easily misinterpreted.

You only need to apologize once. Keep a low profile after that.

Note that most people will find your apology “insincere”. You need to ignore them and keep a low profile.