5 reasons Why You Should Take Up Equestrian in 2016

I recently blogged about equestrian. In fact, I have been trying for the last year to convince everyone I know to take up equestrian and also, may be, to subscribe to equidia, the channel entirely dedicated to horses.

It is fair to say that my success have been moderate in both aspect, but im working hard on those.

In order to formalise my argumentation, I have thought of putting together an article that I can spam to whoever wants to listen to my argument. That’s called preaching 2.0!

1. Equestrian will teach you to look at yourself.. People take hallucinogen mushrooms for that trip, with equestrian you don’t need to trouble to go to Amsterdam.

Horses are so sensitive that you could ride them using your breathing patterns. Consequently, thir behaviour reflect both your conscious and unconcosious actions and show them to you in HD.

From then, having enough love for yourself will allow you to acknowledge these unconscious limitations such as fear and go past them..

That is, riding makes you becoming more human.

2. Fine tuning your riding will teach you how to understand and predict a being who is not human. Understanding, a creature which is not human will give you confidence that you can understand human beings even those of the opposite sex.

3. One of my instructor always claimed that equstrian is more mental that physical.

I’ve always had trouble to accept that but she, being a world class rider must have some wiisdom to share.

Accepting this statement, means that opportunity to decide is always there at your every step. I like to compare riding to being being suspended over the void with the sole strength of one’s arm.

Over the course of this painful experience (that I dont wish anyone to endure), it is easy to imagine your mind finding different excuses for you to just drop. I feel that riding is the same experience, that is, finding the threshold at which your mind may try to convince you that you’re not in control anymore.

Eventually pushing it further

4. Embrace diversity, it is, as far as I know, the only sport where the 2 genders compete together.

At the beginning of this Olympic year, it is also worth remembering that in 2012, Hiroshi Hoketsu, aged 70 was engaged in the show jumping competition and that on the other hand, Reed Kessler, made it to the US team at the tender age of 18.

5. Sometimes also, you fall but you always get back on. Equestrian teaches sometimes in a brutal way how to learn from his mistakes