I am missing nothing but time

As for my last post I want to open this week festivities with a quote of Booba

Because the thing I wish most is time

And also because we are now 4 good months into 2016, which makes it a good time to review some of my 2016 resolutions

Reading 100 books

It sounds crazy at first

and it turns out to be the master resolution and the one that lies at the crux of reaching my other goals and beyond

If I read the right books, it will ensure that the rest will be a success

It will for example, allow me to avoid the common mistake of entrepreneurs, allow me to refine my methodology for the language learning, More importantly, to consistently go beyond my limited self

Go to the summit of the mountain, where there is no wind — Okay promise I stop with quoting Booba

21 books in the job, my conclusions are as follow

1–2 books per week: Allow one to be fully conscious of many of its actions and implications

3–4 books per week: Knowledge becomes deep to a level that it is impossible to passively witnessing oneself without attempting to control

10+ books per week: Anything can happen, As far as I am concerned, 2017 resolutions will feature learning to play the piano and enroll for a musical degree

Booba — Habibi — Nero Nemesis