Where is Charly (Wally)?

In case you do not know the answer. Allow me to give you some hints to help you locate Wally or Charly in the French version of the game.

As in the game, Charly could be everywhere even where you do not expect it.

Charly is a metaphor of what is universal and ubiquitous.

The name itself, is of the like of Romeo, Shahrazad. It belongs to the category of names with no face and whose values attached have superceded a vain quest to find out their identities.

When one thinks of Romeo, loves comes first. Shahrazad embodies Arabian legends and mysteries. Tall or short, dark of fair. Their appearance is a secret of the reader’s mind.

Charly, however, is of a different specy. Charly has no defined attributes and his only possession if a Check Point somewhere between East and West Berlin.

So who is Charly?

Allow me, please, to make up a story.

Charly is the universal being in phase with his world.

Charly, as all beings, has expectations of the world and accepts that they can and will be wrong at times.

Charly embraces the Heidegger’s “Da Sein”.

Charly can contemplate without judging.

Charly is at peace and is fearless.

Because Charly has no fear, Charly is not primed to interpret everything as the negative possibility.

Charly is the one who can bites and it will not hurt.