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As I decide I want something I’m super clear that this will be right, make me happy and lead to more of what I want.

In my looking back at it, I realized that it’s in this process of DECISION to ALLOWING that we can get tripped up and side tracked by programmed data we’ve entered into our brain computers.

These thoughts set up roadblocks and reroute the expected outcome and send the invitation to what we want to something we don’t really want.

For example: I want money. So I decide YES, I expect it and then my brain…

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You’ve got a decision to make.

You see what you expect and you expect what you invite. So you decide what to invite first. ⠀

You say yes to something and it gets the invitation to come and since you’re the one that sent the invitation, you expect it to show up and so you MAKE yourself see it. ⠀

See it as done, on it’s way, as eager to get to you as you are to receive it.⠀

Now if you’re seeing what you don’t want, you gotta remember that you’re the one that invited it or you…

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What if you KNEW that there was ALWAYS plenty and you didn’t worry much at all??

I mean plenty of EVERYTHING. Wow, we’d have so much more time, right?! How much of our lives are spent in worry? What could we actually accomplish, how much more of yourself would you be without worry!


If you’re focused on love and appreciation, you remember you do HAVE, you’re limitless and you’re open to receive, so it just flows.

Focused on fear, you forget that so you perceive that you don’t and you need to go GET and there’s a…

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Seriously, what benefit have you ever gotten from believing the big lie of fear?

Did it get you more money, time, love, health or well-being??

Here’s the real deal…either love or fear is real, either love or fear is crazy making. They’re mutually exclusive, you can’t feel both at the same time.

You are at all times focused one direction or the other. One leads towards all that you want and one keeps it from you.

These focused thoughts are what determine your actions so they are in control and here’s how fear works: ⠀

  • It’s based…
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What?? I can’t go there? I can’t do that? I’m not allowed??

I spent so many years wasting so much time being so angry whenever I was told, “NO.”

That’s not fair. Slamming things…doors. Crying out of frustration. All got me nowhere except the fleeting moments of self-righteousness when someone would listen to how right I was and how wrong this situation was. And then I was right back to feeling awful.

Yes, sometimes things need to be changed. And yes, sometimes, from a place of agreement they are, but in the meantime, the time and effort sitting in the…

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It just seems so hard for people to view everyone through the same lens.

Like somehow, we aren’t all born as the same species where the way our minds and bodies work are the same. There is something that makes it so difficult to see the beauty in life as a human for each person. Some must be judged as more worthy than us and others must be judged as less worthy.

This is taught. It is taught out of fear, out of lack and for the purpose of control. So basically, it’s not natural.

Is the hard part for…

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It never feels good, completely, when we feel afraid and act inside that fear. Sometimes there might be a bit of relief at first but then the guilt sets in.

“I knew I shouldn’t have done that”

“I knew this wasn’t going to end well”

“Now I’m back where I started or worse off!”

Because the powerhouse women I work with know there’s something they need to do differently to consistently blow away their goals, I often get asked,

“How do I stop being so afraid and then acting out of that fear?”

I know that how I feel about myself and other people really is what determines how I take action in my…

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I was writing in my journal the other day. Well to be honest, it was because I was in a full blown fear spiral and I didn’t even know why so I just began to investigate. (Tip #1- don’t let that spiral go on for more than about 15 seconds or your brain will be all too glad to help you go deeper into the abyss.)

As I was writing it became clear to me that I was singularly focused on what I perceived to be the “truth” even though I knew it obviously wasn’t. I asked myself,

“why a…

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I love structure but…I was thinking how much I would love to only hop on social media when I get a new idea or have something I think is super cool to share. And not just because my calendar says it’s time or I feel like I should.⠀

How awesome it would be to not do it only when I’m thinking about my branding or focus only on whether it’s going to market correctly to my audience.⠀

So I decided, this is exactly what I’ll do!

All within the structures and systems of my brand and marketing plan…

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Yep, that’s part of it for me because it’s part of me!! It’s not in a compartment put aside waiting for me to put on another “hat” when I want to stop being a businesswoman and just be a woman.⠀⠀

Our lives and businesses are where all of our heart’s desires (the part of us that is connected to the spirit, source, universe and high vibe energy) play out.⠀⠀⠀⠀

Without it, we just use our brain and it only can use the past and old structures so how can you grow and scale like that?⠀⠀

The brain works in the…

Darla Delayne

I love helping powerhouse women scale their business while rocking out their life. I’m obsessed with timehacks, energy, mindset and increasing happiness daily!

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