Cool Art Minute: Let’s Get All Political and Shit

Artist: SatrunTwins

In honor of last night’s history-making drama at the DNC, Cool Art Minute is going to showcase some contemporary political artists, because politics and art have been strange bedfellows since before slaves were building the White House.

Artist: Stephone Handy (Sketch X)

Art has always been a vehicle to freeze moments in times. Without it, we wouldn’t know what George Washington looked like crossing the Delaware or anything about the chaos that surrounded the death of General Wolfe.

Contemporary political art still tells a story from the point of view of the artist, but it is usually about making a statement, as well. Let’s look at a couple that caught my eye.

Peaceful Protest by Jules De Balincourt, 2003

This piece represents the artist’s idea of a peaceful protest. It was part of a 57-piece series exhibited in a New York show called Land of Many Uses

This is a section of installation art done by Pakistani artist, Imran Qureshi for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s rooftop.

It is about violence. It is about death, but, ultimately, it is about the hope that emerges from despair.

Of course, if you really want to see political art at its best hit the streets–that’s where some of the most promising political artists find their canvas.

We’ll just call them Anon.

Now, go out, bask in the history of it all and enjoy some political art.

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