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Do you know what April brings? Well, spring flowers, sure, but it also brings a shift in focus. During the month of April, there is a push to make people more aware of a neurodevelopmental disorder that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states affects 1 in 68 children and that number is growing.

Image Courtesy Amy McBride via The Art of Autism

As a medical writer, I get into many discussions about the etiology of autism, but, at this point, it really is just a lot of guesswork. There are many theories, but little proof one way or the other.

Image Courtesy Christina MacNeal via The Art of Autism

I did some research recently on the use of music theory as a treatment for autism and that got me thinking about autism and art. There is a whole art community out there built just for those with autism and the results are truly amazing.

Image Courtesy Jose Medina via The Art of Autism

From art savant Henriett Seth F to The Autism Shift Project, the results are bold, fresh and full of color. Instead of my usual tribute to artists at galleries I work with, today I thought I’d feature some beautiful art by some beautiful artistic, autistic souls.

Find out more about art and autism at The Art of Autism

Now, go and out, get aware and enjoy some art.

Artist: Fazli Azeem

Artist: Nekea Blagoev

Artist: Lucila Guerrero

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