5 Reasons Why I Don’t Believe In God
Vince Reyes

Thank you for your post. It resonates with me, since I have been through the same experience you did, making my choice quite recently.

As a Latinamerican woman, educated in a catholic school, not being religious is kind of an anomaly in this society, so just imagine how difficult was for me accepting that it didn’t mattered how hard I try, I just couldn’t believe in God and everything I was told and taught. It was really hard and took me a few years, but once I entered that door, it was liberating and lead me to take full responsibility for my own life, choices and consequences.

Knowing that praying for solutions or blaming God for not giving me what I pray for, would not do it for me, moved me into action and that had bettered my life in a big way. I could even say it made me even more compassionate and thoughtful than I ever was. I accepted my truth and I’m at peace with myself and happier than I’ve ever been.