Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Provocative title and interesting perspective, but your insights are anecdotal at best & you really need to back this up with some actual evidence & research.

There are productive sub-communities on Twitter that organize around hashtags especially in the medical community. We use it for #patientchat every other week and we don’t have any abuse within those communities but rather a mature, emotionally supportive discourse amongst cancer survivors and other chronic disease individuals. Jack Dorsey — contact me if you want to talk about these communities more.

I have used Twitter for several years and have never experienced abuse. I know it exists because I’ve read and viewed tweets like the gamergate issues. But to say the entire platform is failing because of a subset of bullies is not accurate; to also say that Twitter is doing nothing about it, is just irresponsible.

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