Music: A Deconstruction

I LOVE MUSIC. I rather listen to music than to watch television any day. In my house all you hear is music. It could be R & B, Hip Hop, Gospel, even Old School (60 or 70 classics). Music sets the mood and the atmosphere to get you motivated to start or end your day.

Yes, it’s amazing how listening to a great song that understands your feelings can place you in a better mood and calm you at the same time. For example, to this day, I love listening to Mary J. Blige’s album titled “My Life”. Even though it came out in 1995, this album is a classic to me. Mary J. Blige really put her heart and soul into this album and it will never die nor will I let it. I listen to it every chance I get.

My son, on the other hand, listens to what his generation calls “Trap Music”. It’s mostly about the guy and/or girl cooking non-pharmaceutical drugs from the kitchen to make money. He tries to get me to listen to it and some of the songs are catchy because of the beat, but some are just exasperating. I get annoyed with how the men call females out their name and how some females dance to it like it’s okay to be called out your name. It baffles me. My son and I always debate about songs from when I was growing up to the songs being played now.

Have you ever noticed anyone in public as to how they act after listening to a certain rap song? I have. One morning on my way to school I saw this grown man who started singing rap lyrics loudly then became belligerent to the other passengers on the train. WHY? I think he just had no sense. Yes, I have noticed how some songs can change people’s demeanor. Is it the lyrics and the arrogance in the song that may control their behavior?

I feel this is so because music can regulate some people’s behavior. You will either be happy or upset after listening to a certain song. There was a song my son had me listening to and I caught a headache as the lyrics were just so vulgar and degrading towards women that I had to walk away because I was getting upset. I just leave him to his music because I will never and don’t ever want to understand that part of music.

Listening to music can have a good effect for a person or it can be a bad situation just waiting to happen. That’s why we need to deconstruct music before we construct our lives with it.

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