We Are In This Fight Together
Gus Bilirakis

I believe that it is very disturbing that our Veterans have to wait months for the medical care that they so deeply deserve. From PTSD to multiple surgeries and medications. They have served their country welI and deserve the best care possible.

Also I find it very concerning that our seniors who helped build our country must wait for medical care, choose between Prescriptions and groceries. Are you also aware that a shower chair is not covered by medicare as it is considered a luxury! Perhaps Sarah Palin said it best when she compared Obamacare to a death panel! We continue to give free medical care and housing to illegal immigrants and unmarried mothers..yet ignore many problems. What is wrong with creating a back to work program? This would create taxpayers, not tax takers.

While congress receives their self promoted annual 10% salary increase Veterans and social security budgets are continuously cut. This in turn results in a zero to little increase in Va and Social security benefits.

Perhaps it time we do not vote for our current congressmen/women and send them for a complimentary visit to the proc. Doc

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