Who cares that Comey was fired?

I don’t care that Comey was fired. What does it matter? After his interference in the election, did anyone really think he would do a through job in rooting out any Russian involvement with the Trump campaign? He and his frat-boy groupies were frantic at the idea of a female leader of their boy’s club. They resisted any interruption in their circle jerk that was propelled by each batch of fake news porn. Who cares if the porn is from Russia? It feels so good.

So enamored with protecting his right to reign, that he jumped on the first whiff of a possibility. That is all it was on October 27th. He had not even seen the suspect e-mails when he notified Congress on the eve of the election. He didn’t give a hoot about the election process, the electorate or either candidate really, except the frightening possibility of sixteen years without a white man at the helm. Any white man.