Blue Sky Ideation

Individual Idea Generation

How might we design products for the pantry that fit more items in the given space without decreasing visibility?

New Warm-Up Game

Un-associative Alphabet

I came up with an idea that is similar to some of the improv warm up games we played in class. In this game a person thinks of a word starting with the letter ‘A’ and says it while pointing at a random other person in the group. Then, the person pointed at has to quickly come up with a word starting with the letter ‘B’ that is completely unrelated to the first word while pointing at another random person. The game then goes onlike this with people saying unrelated words that start with the next letter in the alphabet when pointed at. The game can end either when the group gets to a word starting with the letter ‘Z’ or the group can choose to continue and go through the alphabet backwards doing the same thing.

Session Organization

Participants: 1. Nicole, a freshman pre-med student at the U from southwestern Minnesota

2. Julie, a freshman student at the U studying journalism who is from a suburb outside of the cities

3. Hannah, a sophomore student at the U studying teaching who is from San Clemente, California

4. John, a freshman student at the U studying biomedical engineering who is from Green Bay, Wisconsin

I had to hold the session in a small, boring kitchenette room in the basement of my dorm for lack of a better space to hold the session. I did however provide some snacks to lighten the mood. I started the session by first playing my new game, Un-associative Alphabet, and then the group story game where each person says a word to change the story as it goes around the circle. Then, I explained how the brainstorm would work had them introduce any ideas they already had (only Julie had a couple of ideas already) and then introduced some of mine. I utilized the rolestorming, problem reversal, and brainstorming assistance techniques in my session which seemed to get the participants going a little quicker for a short period of time. However, all in all the participants did not move at a very quick pace due to some of them feeling stumped for more ideas several times during the session. I stopped after 20 minutes since the ideas seemed to be very slowly trickling in at this point and since participants needed to leave. The results were 74 total ideas generated at an IPM of .74.

Sorting and Voting

For the sorting process I instructed the participants to not say anything, what we called in class the silent treatment. They did theis pretty well, only saying a couple words the whole time. The categories we came up with were separators, hanging, organizers, super creative, extra shelving, and easy access.

For the voting process I gave them silver and gold sharpies to put three dots of each color on the sticky notes. The silver was for the most interesting or intruiging ideas and the gold was for the most creative ideas.

Top Ideas


Thursday- come up with 15 individual ideas & begin idea generation for new warm up game

Friday & Saturday- come up with 15 more ideas

Sunday- get session props and prep for it and work on blog

Monday- Session Organization and sorting and voting

Tuesday & Wednesday- top ideas and finish blog