Cat’s Head or Tiger’s Tail?

Choice #1: Stay in the comfort zone; enjoy the uncertainties for the bills; more time with family and friends; keep writing books; deal with teaching and training (practice more in the education field); self-driven personal development; more time for analyzing life.

despite the size of the creature, the fangs are bit intimidating…

Choice #2: leave the comfort zone; new challenges; some certainties; less time with family and friends; less time for writing books; deal with “marketing stuff of education field”; self-and-institution-driven personal development; more time for experiencing life.

Leaving the comfort zone shall result in the new adaption process yet the bigger possibilities awaits. Risky yet worth trying. Staying in the comfort zone eliminates the chance of adapting yet old-troubles keep tickling.

I remember my old friend’s words about one’s status. “Choose wisely for your state-being in the universe as it’s your whole identities. Be the head of a cat in the global fight or be the tail of a tiger in a tiny struggle.” Both share consequences, as well as advantages! For the time being, I assume it’s not a cat nor the tiger. Even the figure is still vague. However, the choices drove the brain to think.

A cat is small, yet the head has the fangs and the teeth. A tiger is indeed big, but the tail is nothing more than muscles and fur. Both states promise the fame; what different is the way the world recognizes the figure. Cat’s head is face; Tiger’s tail is eyes-less.