The Only Consistent Thing in Universe…

Responding to a riot today, Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, in Jakarta, initiated by some conventional taxi drivers, resulting from the increase of numbers of customers of Online Transportation Service pioneered by Gojek and GRAB, I thought I would like to give my view, well, purely emotional personal opinion.

I was just wondering, if only few months back when all Metromini transportation fleet had their mass strike, most of Jakarta people were not really that influenced, I assume that should there really be a movement called #boikottaxi or #boikottaxikonvensional or #boikottaxiumum the situation will not be that chaotic.

Commuter line users are getting even more, the online transportation drivers and riders are going to have their harvest time due to the rise of the demands, besides, it’s gonna be a good way to let the striking-drivers know the consequences of their ridiculous anarchy movements have put their source of income in jeopardy.

I have only one voice and I believe it’s simply nothing compared to thousands or even millions of Indonesian, and I am surely NOT INTERESTED to provoke others (my words here are my own personal thoughts — they are ABSOLUTELY NOT related to any third party whatsoever — and I don’t speak on behalf of an organization, institution, a company, and/or certain group), but, starting today, I declare to myself, there will be no more Bluebird Group or Taksi BlueBird and/or OTHER CONVENTIONAL TAXI FLEET for my transportation needs.

Yes, I mention the brand, I mentioned that special brand of blue sedans with wing or egg on top of it! Why? I have been a loyal user for more than 10 years, many interesting stories, talks, and experiences, but, now the great impression of the “Bluish Public Sedan” has perished. I am going to be very happy using Commuter Line, Online Taxi, and Online Ojek instead.

I laughed, yes, I laughed, when one of the demonstrating drivers stated his opinion that, “Yes, our country has been more advanced, but we can not accept the changes. We want the good old times when there were no such online taxis or ojek.”

Didn’t you guys realize that the slightest thing of change occurred in the company where you are working is the rejuvenation of the old taxi fleet? Soluna, Limo, Limo2, and now Almera… If you’re not ready to be opened for any changes, you’re still driving that old Nissan Sunny car or the Soluna things. Didn’t you guys also remember, few years back, Blue Bird was the only taxi fleet having NO SOUND SYSTEM for it was considered disturbing passenger’s comfort, but then, forced by consumers’ survey results and business competitors strategy, the fleet are now equipped with such little “change”, right? Itu kan perubahan, Bang.

The only consistent thing in this universe is indeed the inconsistency!

As far as I know, there is only one way out of two, to be standing on our greatest achievement, BE THE FIRST or BE DIFFERENT! I presume that being different by permitting your drivers to conduct such destructing action is not considered wise. So Blue Bird Group Indonesia, what other option do you have?

You are holding that tight to the fact that you’re the transportation company dealing with all corporate taxes and permits. Well, you still have the choice of being the 1st, right? Be the first public-owned company who open full online service in order to cope with technology development. Hard, probably, but nothing is impossible. I am not a business or legal consultant who massively understand all regulations related to such option, however, I believe, there will always be a way out, without using violence, or in this case, allowing your employees to conduct such violence.

I realize that this writing is a bit tendentious or even too offending one particular brand, which is yours yet I am being like this since I care about your brand. I believe soon, all those riot and chaos will be forgiven (as Indonesian are popular for their forgiving personalities), but to me personally, it’s not going to be forgotten!

Originally published at My MAD Monologue.