Waking Up from Dormancy

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote. I mean, outpouring my own long words on a post, not just some comments about some posts. February 10th, 2016, in the evening. Lots of things occurred today, yet, I am not going to fill up this posting with all those happenings.


This has been, if I am not mistaken, the 58th day of my struggling, opening my own startup in tourism field, along with my two colleagues. The progress? I must say it’s a bit far from our expectation. We have picked the name, we have set the strategies, we have arranged our vision and mission, however, it’s the action which is absolutely hard. I am not defending myself, but the fact is, coordinating steps while we’re still engaged to our daily life as 9–5-fighters is surely not easy as it is always spoken and encouraged by many trainers.

We planned to have our own travel agency, adopting an existing system from an established company. We have tried posting many things related to tourism objects, we have tried promoting our social media accounts, but getting a customer is one hell of an issue

The only thing the three of us have in common is this eagerness of getting out of our daily routines as teachers at a private secondary school in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. We would like to build our own empire in a business where we will not find any time restriction about our working hours and of course, limitation about the earning we will have.

I personally admit that my two colleagues are the most dedicating people in the education field. However, apparently, their hard work have been abusively utilized by a particular person who is meant to be the leader. They realized that despite the quality they have given they are not feeling the nice working environment they always seek for. More or less, I feel the same way too.

I will particularly share our journey of establishing the startup in my next writing, all the details from we gathered, shared our ideas, compiled our strategies-to-be; all the events including the initial spirit, the long wait, and the final decision to start every small step in realizing our dream as a team.


I have been living my life as an educator for almost 18 years, started when I was still at my high school age. I started teaching English to kids and toddler at a local english course in my hometown, then upgraded to teaching teens, then adults. I started my professional career as a teacher at the age 19 when I was in Padang, West Sumatera, while i was taking my undergraduate degree in Law. The career then continued to level up as I started my work as a lecturer in 2009 up to now.

I love teaching, I love interacting with people, I love meeting new and various personalities; however, for the last few months, I have been thinking that I am not gonna end up my life as a teacher. Not that I think teaching is not giving me a chance to earn, not at all — but it’s more like, I need something new, something more challenging. A work where I can innovate and share my ideas. Besides, i thought that teaching does not always have to be inside a classroom, so why not trying it outside. I mean, sharing your thoughts or your understanding about something through writing is also classified as teaching.

The thought of having a challenging work has been trying to explode ever since. I once saw my old friend’s profile, she was my classmate at high school. At that time, she had written around 10 books or something. She even started her own business as a book seller (in a big scale). I have to say that she is a diva now (in the book selling field, in the startup things, in a fashion). The fact that she could earn more that I do while we ate up the same amount of knowledge at our school time truly slapped me.

I am absolutely sure that I am not an idiot (at least from the IQ test I took, mine is above average), I am sure I have brain inside of my head, I am sure I have no disabilities which, on certain case will limit my movements; so why can’t I work like she does? I accept as true that the fear of leaving comfort zone (or I must say the lazy zone) is the biggest obstacle for a person to actually move on to the wider and brighter horizon towards his bigger dreams.

I am now more then willing to build my own startup, my own company, my own limitless income for my family. I keep convincing myself that God never sleeps. He look into someone’s efforts and He repays him based on how hard the efforts are.

I decided to add the list of my career from only being a teacher, to also being a writer, being an entrepreneur, and being some other things challenging.

Anyway, it took me around 3 hours just to finish this 900-word-writing (actually, I wanted to make it to 1000, but i guess 900-more is a good start for a rusty writer); started with the flaming spirit, filled with diversions in the middle, yet endured to stick to initial game plan to write. It’s ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, the very first key to writing is not to think. It’s to write! :)