Two intersecting planes in three-dimensional space.

As if building a company wasn’t hard enough, we’re now faced with the ultimate and most difficult challenge for any fledgling startup.

We’re stuck.

In a rut.

Unable to move forward.

Forget product market fit. We cant find startup-tshirt-fit.

I’m not sleeping.

Here’s the thing. After 4 months of discussion we have got it down to 3 options and we need YOUR help making the decision to which t-shirt we produce.

All 3 of the options carry varying messages and we have tweaked, user tested and prototyped.

Option 1: The Classic Horse Dog with Miami Vice Twist.

Pros: The colours are nice.

Cons: Makes little to no sense, requires in depth explanation and occasionally frightens people.

Option 1

Option 2: Always Be Closing

Pros: It has a URL on it.

Cons: It mentions Tinder.

Option 2

Option 3: What’s in a name?

Pros: It’s what we are actually called.

Cons: We miss user acquisition opportunity as could be mistaken for working for an airline company.

Option 3

Please help us by voting in the comment section.

Feel free to visit us and if you happen to be a t-shirt-startup expert please send your cv printed on an environmentally friendly t-shirt.

Thanks for reading.