Semi-Anonymous Social Network Strikes a Chord.

Ask questions, get responses and chat with new folks. Without the superficiality of existing apps and services.

After launching in San Francisco in spring, our new social app Plane hits the 1m messaging milestone and goes global, including features from LA Times, Product Hunt and a global feature by Apple.

Users respond to status updates we call ‘Signals’ and can then get into a Convos which acts as a private one-on-one chat room. Then, exchange and swap Social Cards within the app that are customizable and integrated with social handles like Snapchat and Instagram.

Apple featured us on the front page of the US Appstore and 79 other countries including the UK.

Plane users come from all over the world.
Some awesome early feedback from Plane users
“Semi-anonymous communication is compelling. Plane has been likened to the early days of Twitter and Reddit. We are building something ambitious. We’re off to a good start but we’re just focused now on growing the platform with our users.”
“Whilst working and commuting in and out of Switzerland in 2014 I found myself very short on options to connect with new people and find out what’s going on in the city. I don’t want to use dating apps to meet likeminded people, and Facebook Groups aren’t the right place to try and break the ice. We need a social solution without the awkward or superficial approach.”

The Plane app was shutdown in early 2017. For more info on the story or any questions, please leave a comment.