12.01am 1.1.15

Talkin’ bout a resolution(s)

This is not exactly a list for 2015, but more a reminder of the things that are important. Ranging from improvements I want to make professionally to the things I can enjoy without opening the laptop.

New Tools.

I’ve hacked about with the occasional project and sporadically spent time trying to grapple with a Bootstrap theme, floating a div or querying a guy called Jay. To no avail, my brain refuses to let the knowledge reside in my brain for longer than a weekend.

Specifically my goal this year is to get a handle of Framer and Material Design. Both of these tools enforce the case for focusing more on the beauty of interaction, notification and experience design across devices. I’m going to try to approach it less like learning to code and more like learning two new tools that help me design better.

Keep Sketching.

Sketch played a big part in 2014. I switched my entire workflow in the Summer and never looked back. I use it to design everything now.

There are many things I like about using Sketch but the stand out experience is the sense of satisfaction that comes from mastering the software and producing the work. I look forward to seeing how the Sketch Team develop the product further this year. Please don’t sell to Facebook or equivalent.

Potential Podcastians.

The notion of coming together to make something useful to others is an appealing prospect and one I’d like to investigate more in 2015.

Learning with others from the design community. Organising some casual meetups with interested people in the city. Something casual enough to not have its own hashtag but also an activity which has an outcome.

I like what Neil Murray did with the Nordic Web and whilst we might not have time for such a comprehensive channel, the idea of a newsletter, roundup or even a podcast might be the ticket.

specific, targeted, well researched.

Out with the Old.

I’ve set a goal to re-design and build my own site into something that resembles what I actually do these days. The old one has done me proud but it’s time to bench the old ‘we answer challenges with broader creative solutions’ and ‘we like to exist in the 21st century’ gambits to something a bit more err…unsentimental.

early ideas.

Are you Mentor?

I’m looking for an utterly brilliant mentor. Someone I can learn from and share ideas with. This year especially, having extra support and experience around will be needed and appreciated.

Ideally I’m looking for someone with consumer experience who has built and led teams, raised money or scaled a business. I don’t know who this person is yet. It might be you? If you fancy getting in touch please do.

You and me this year. And a floating rock.

Up in the air

Although I’ve now build up a formidable amount of frequent flyer points it’s fair to say I’ve also decided I don’t want to be on an aeroplane 90 times this year.

My consultancy work reached new heights in 2014 and whilst I do enjoy travel, my creative core was unbalanced by the transient nature of my tasks and physicality. Plus, I’m bored of having to keep taking my belt off during the security checks at airports and having my crown jewels scanned for foreign objects.

Not exactly.

Too big, too quick.

I hardly picked up my guitar in 2014, let alone write much. We had an invitation to play our local BBC Introducing in April last year which I passed on as we didn’t have the time. I want to make time for making music again. On the plus side we sold 67 copies of the EP in Australia.


I am the Walrus

Last year I dropped a new project into the world. It’s the simple beginnings of a much bigger plan. The tip of the iceberg. A plan that involves executing and making a success of a new startup idea:

“Fun and frictionless. No drama. A better way to connect and meet people really close-by without it feeling sleazy.” — The CEO, Jagger Frames.

2014 was a year that took some interesting turns and allowed me all sorts of opportunities. However, I’ve never been more sure about where the path this year has to lead.

building a home for the Walrus

Being present

We’re all fairly aware that we spend a huge amount of our time online and sometimes it’s pretty difficult to distinguish the difference between work and life, let alone finding the balance.

So, lastly and probably most importantly, I’m going to spend more time doing none of the above and just switching off. Using time more wisely, re-charging the batteries when necessary. Connecting with the people that mean the most and being there for them when they need you.

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy 2015.